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State law for retaining and disposing medical records, including x-ray films.

As physicians have many responsibilities concerning maintaining medical records, Several aspects affect the amount of time a physician should maintain medical records, such as state and federal laws, medical board and association policies, and the type of the medical record (an adult or a pediatric record)

State and Federal Laws

Most states and federal laws regarding mandatory record retention time frames apply to hospitals or similar facilities rather than a physician’s clinic. The Medicare Conditions of Participation (COP) require hospitals to retain records for five years (six years for critical access hospitals.

We have compiled the list of states, including each state’s law. Please note that the information provided is information we found on government websites. We will also include the source link. Please note that B.W. Recycling, Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy of the information. Please be sure to visit the source link to make sure the information is still valid.

Check other states retention period requirements below:

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