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X-Ray film recycling types of x-ray film we recycle Medical film recycling

Medical x-ray film recycling

B.W. Recycling, Inc is purchasing all kinds of medical x-rays and MRI imaging radiography film for silver recovery, we pick-up medical film for recycling anywhere in the US including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico

If you have any medical x-ray film for recycling please call 877-217-7020 and we will be glad to provide you with all of the information you might need.

We offer a free pick-up and pay you for the silver recovered from the x-ray film, we take new, used, old, outdated or expired medical x-rays for recycling exposed or un-exposed.

We also provide a certificate of destruction, so you can be sure that sensitive information on the medical x-ray film is destroyed properly and in accordance to HIPAA rules and regulations as well as EPA guidelines in order to assure an earth friendly process.

Medical film for recycling on pallet Medical film for recycling on shelves Medical film for recycling on pallet

Medical X-ray film types for recycling.

We recycle all types of medical / radioactive x-rays taken by radiologists:

  • Medical x-ray film taken for chest, spine, extremities, skull, hips, pelvis, joint bones, abdomen or any other type of orthopedic devaluations used by radiation rare earth x-ray film.
  • Dental x-ray film taken by dentists.
  • Magnetic imaging laser digital film, CT scans mammograms, ultrasound (US), Nuclear med, taken by neurosurgeons, oncologist and all other Dry view type film.

There are few types of x-ray film used in the medical radiology industrial:
BMX film - This technology of film was the first used, it was used until 1976.
CMS film - this technology was used for a short term between the years 1977-1979. Rare earth film - traditional medical x-ray film which is used since 1979 until today.
Dry view - this is a newer technology of film, it is pretty much the most recent film in the market, it is is mainly used for MRI and cat scans, it is also called laser x-ray film.
Dental x-rays - All types of radiograph used in the dental industry, also known as byte wings x-rays and panoramic view x-rays, please note we only take dental x-ray film with no envelopes, paper or plastic jackets.
Spinal x-ray film - All types of longer or shorter spine radiographs that is used for full spine X-rays.

We recycle medical x-ray film, industrial film, lithographic x-ray film and all other types of x-ray film which contains silver for silver recovery.
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Licensed and certified silver recyclers.
EPA ID #: FLD984167080
BBB accredited x-ray film recycling company with an A+ Rating

If you have any Medical X-Ray film for recycling and you would like a quote or more information, please fill out this quick form and we will contact you shortly.

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