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I have scrap x-ray film in small amount can I put it in a dumpster?

We get a lot of phone calls and e-mails from customers who has small amount of film, for an example:

"Hello, I have been involved in an accident and I have many x-rays, CT scans and MRI film that I do not need anymore, I would like to have these recycled can you pick it up?"

We always ask for the weight because we have seen people like that that has more x-ray films than a small chiropractor. However in most cases we understand they only have a few lbs of scrap x-ray film which will not be cost effective for us as a recycling company to pick-up. We always give everyone the option to actually mail us the x-ray film for recycling, some people say well its not worth the stamp, I will just put it in the trash. Some of them do care and spend a few bucks in order to do the right thing with the x-rays.

x-rays in trash

Of course everybody has the right to do what they feel is right, but as part of our mission to recycle x-ray film we have to actually let everybody know its wrong, so we try to explain because we do care. If you knew what we know about putting x-rays in the trash maybe you will care as well, share:

What is x-ray film made of ?

Most people know that but here it is again, the film looks like some clear paper or plastic but its not just that, the main ingredient of the x-rat film is PET plastic, and it is coated with the rare earth mineral which is the actual precious metal called silver, so putting the film in the trash means you will put PET plastic and silver in the trash.
Here is a link to Wikipedia for more information of how x-ray film is made:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-ray

So what? its only 1 or 2 x-rays.

Of course there is a very minimal amount of silver in that 1 x-ray film, that is right it might not even be valuable, that is right but did you really ever think what happens to the stuff we put in the trash, most of us think that once something is in the trash its dead, we just forget about it, well its not. Its just not in your house or in your office anymore, but it does not mean that it does not exists.

Where is it all going?

Our trash goes to the main landfill, the landfill is a big place where all of the trash is spilled after the aluminum cans and some other stuff is picked-up. The rest of the trash usually gets covered up with sand to prevent odor so that means that the plastic and silver just stays there. The silver as we know is a rare earth mineral and in the landfill can go down to our drinking water, also the PET (plastic) is actual oil and it goes down to our drinking water as well and its not ideal.

Bottom line?

It is much easier to actually put your film in a small envelope, you can use the x-ray film envelope you have, take a marker and write "please recycle" put a stamp on it and just mail it to us, that you know you did the right thing.

Do you need us to mail you a certificate of destruction? no problem, please write "X-Ray for disposal, Please recycle - Need certificate of destruction" and write your contact info there as well, if you do not need a certificate of destruction just write: "X-Ray for disposal".

Do not worry your information on the x-rays will not be disclosed to anyone who is not part of our recycling process and that is our statement.

Where to ship?

Good, question:
B.W. Recycling, Inc
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