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Can veterinary x-rays be recycled for silver?

X-rays which are taken by veterinarians at animal hospitals and clinic are pretty much the same x-rays as taken by any doctors for human being, it is called rare-earth x-rays and does contain silver in the same amount which can and has to be recycled.

The difference between disposal of veterinarian and human x-ray records

One difference in the disposal process of these is that most state law requires physicians to keep the records for about 7 years, while veterinarian are required by most states to keep the x-rays for only 3 years from the date that the patient was last treated by the veterinarian.

Another difference is that human x-rays are considered protected information, and HIPAA does not apply to veterinarians as pets do not have the same confidentiality privileges that HIPAA provides to human patients.

We recycle veterinary X-Rays

We do recycle all types of x-ray film including vet x-rays, we also pay for the film by the lb and provide you with a certificate of recycling for the film.
We pick-up vet x-rays for free anywhere in the US as long as you have at least 50 lbs of film.

BBB accredited x-ray film recycling company with an A+ Rating

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